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 School Challenges:

Mairiva front office


  1. Students not able to pay for school fees
  2. Building to cope with the growth of the school
  3. Servicing bank loans without standing in the line of providing quality education and welfare
  4. Varied and difficult background of students joining the school.

While the first challenge is most dangerous of all, The last challenge is one of our biggest, We generally do not turn back those applying with poor grades; 'failures' as they are popularly known. One of our reasons to exist is to help them recover along the way. Most of our students are those failing to join the now very extended public secondary education and those who for many reasons failed national examinations wishing to re sit them.

This has created a large group of students in need, read more about our challenge in sponsor a student and support us sections of this website.

•    As discussed above, there is a big number of students un able to cope with paying school fees for many reasons which can all find their origin in POVERTY. And for the same reasons forced to keep fees low resulting in compromising standards and school growth program.
•    The school is mortgaged; financing of construction is through bank loans, as fees are for subsistence, coping with repayment of the principal, interests and the hidden costs required to service loans is a HUGE problem. Interest and hidden costs can be up to 25% compounded annually.
•    The school is still under construction, we have land, the following are yet to be constructed, furnished and equipped.
Dinning and Kitchen, Assembly hall, Library, Laboratories, proper boys and girls dormitories (They are now living in temporary and what shall eventually be released as class rooms), core staff quarters, sports and recreational facilities.
•    The remedies would therefore be to sponsor students, Regarding the loans, We would require a line of credit without punishing interest that is more long term In nature to take over the huge bank loans from us and extend more loans/grants to complete construction, furnishing and equipping the school.

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