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The school facilities and operations are to ensure that the following promises to the parents and students are fulfilled

  1. That the whole syllabus shall be taught before any National Exams
  2. That the school shall guard students properly by ensuring their safety and keep them out of streets and street like and hooking up behavior and up bringing
  3. That over and above academics the student shall be brought up in ethics, religion, sports and acceptable entertainments
  4. That students shall get enough attractive and nutritious food
  5. That boarding students shall sleep in clean well ventilated rooms and shall be given individual beds (no sharing)
  6. That boarding students shall have HOT bucket showers

We therefore provide the following facilities


1. Computer Lab

Computer Lab

Computer Lab

2. Chemistry & Biology Lab


School Complex -

Currently it is a four storey building with 24 classes per Storey, with adequate toilet facilities. The ratio of toilets to classes exceeds the the minimum requirement by the ministry of education. On completion one wing shall have five levels and the other four levels with a total of 72 standard class sized rooms. Enough for Girls Dormitories, Class rooms, Offices, Library, Computer lab and Science Laboratories.

Frontal Buildinggenerator


8 dormitories for girls (at the school compound) , eight more rooms are on advanced stages of completion at the main campus to receive an expanded A- Level intake classes and dormitories in march 2010 as well as increasing more space and comfort for the current communit.

boys dormdorm kitchen

14 dormitories for boys (in another property five minutes walk away), The new multipurpose hall is  was commissioned mid February 2009

Dormitories are clean, well ventilated and each student is given an individual bed (i.e no sharing), There is a patron and a matron with living quarters among the students

The whole school and its facilities have a tall block wall fence.

To supplement public utilities we have bought two stand by generators and dug two deep wells one at each campus.

2009 we also saw commissioning of two science laboratories, a reading room and a computer lab. Form four science students sat for a real practical National Examination.

More facilities are being constructed to cope with our growth and improvement.

Toilet Facilities :

Eastern type Western chamber units, urinals & wash basins.

Bathroom with over heard shower rose, hot bucket showers in the morning and evening for both hostels.


There are five meal sessions per day, Breakfast, 10:00 tea, Lunch, 16:00tea and Supper, Boarding Students sit in all of them while the day scholars are getting the second and third only.

Special requirements are also catered for, like in the Muslim holy month of Ramadan ( in 2008 it coincided with September), we had special arrangements for fasting Muslim students to get their special breakfast (at sunset), they then join the usual supper and have their hot daku after midnight.

multi purpose hallgirls dorm

Guest or Volunteers Quarters within the school fence

mairiva_front officemairiva_front building

Other facilities at the school:

In order to do its obligation the school provides important requirements some of them are listed below:

• Text Books and other teaching materials
• Classroom, Office and Dining room furniture
• Kitchen fixtures and utensils.
• Sports Gear
• Sports Facilities
• First aid equipment
• A vehicle for emergency and school management operation.

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