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About the School:

Tanzania Flag    

Listen to our National Anthem! (Tanzania)

The school currently has 30 Teachers and 670 students (September 2010), the plan is for the school to have 1000 students and improve the Teacher  to  Student ratio further.

-The school is co educational (Boys & Girls) and has both boarding and Day students.
mock exam in sessionmock examination

         The school follows the Ministry of Education curriculum, which prepares students to sit for the form four and form six National Examinations. This will enable graduates to be eligible to join to others schools and institutions following or accepting the same.

      The school shall have two terms every year in the following arrangement

      Term 1:     January to June
      Term 2:     August to November

Not withstanding the above, emphasis shall be to ensure that all recommended classes are taught and the course content (syllabus) is completed within a time frame set by the Ministry of education and the the National Examinations Council.

Class in Session
Class hours :
8am - 4.30 am
breaks 10.40 am - 11 am : Tea Break
12.20pm - 13.00pm - lunch.

Subjects Taught:

O Level:

History, Civics, Swahili, Geography, English, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Book keeping, Commerce, Mathematics,Counseling and religious Studies.
In the near future - Computer Studies shall be introduced in the next academic year as we have acquired computers, space and the manpower to handle the same.

Students in Class

A Level:

The following combination of studies are currently being offered:
HGL (History Geogrpahy Literature)
HKL (History Kiswahili Literature)
HGE (History Geography Economics)
ECA (Economics commerce Accounts )
HGK( History Geography Kiswahili)
EGM ( Economics Geography Mathematics)

PCM (Pysics, Chemistry, Mathematics)

PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

PGM (Physics, Geography and Mathematics)

CBG (Chemistry, Biology and Greography)

Other Subjects compuilsury to above combinations
BAM - Basic Applied Mathematics
GS - General Studies.

Pre form five.

In addition the school provides Pre Form Five programme for students who want to re sit form IV National Exams. This enables them to qualify to sit  for fom six national exams.

Students in class

This course can be taken exclusively in parallel with A-Level programme. The choice is left on the candidates.(Due to recent Revison of rules by the NECTA,  Students opting for this course in parallel with A-Level are bared from sitting form six National Exams as School Candidate, they can only sit those exams as Private Candidate. Scores obtained as private candidate leads to the same courses in higher education)

This programme has proved to be very crucial as the government does not accept such students. Our experience have proved that not all students failing form four exams are not capable, good reasons for a bad failure are ranging from;  lack of concentration due to adolescence and the accompanying peer pressure, poor academic background, bad school etc.

 When students enroll for this programme have; for most of them left behind most of their failure formulas. We have seen a huge turn around in most of our pre form fives.


School Owner

The school is owned by MAIRIVA LIMITED, a limited liability company duly registered by the registrar of companies. The school is also registered and inspected by the Ministry of Education and vocational training. It is a private school the fee structure is contained in the joining instructions downlodable at 'downloads' of this web site. The joining instructions also contains the school rules and may other information.

Our Main source of funding is school fees which covers operational costs, the bulk of development costs are now supported by bank loans which are basically short time loans. This underlines a need for your support in order to keep fees low and direct the bulk of it to operational costs only in this way ensuring a high quality education and students welfare.
The Headmistressmanager Chairman of the BoardMadam Vivian Ndosi  The Headmistess, Madam Stella Emmilian The School Manager and Eng. Bernard Kavishe, Chairman of the School Board


The School shall is under the management of the school board be responsible for the operation and growth of the school. The school board is in turn reporting to the Board of directors of the forming company.

3.2   Headmistress:     

The Headmistress is directly responsible to the school board. She oversees all matters pertaining to enrollment; academics and discipline (refer to figure.1)

She is assigned a second master, heads of academic departments and other teaching staff appointed to deal with specific matters. The headmistress is an experienced teacher with proven knowledge of administration.

She is also a member of the school board by the virtue of his/her position.
3.3 Teaching Staff:

The school employs highly qualified teachers, acquired after a written application, a rigorous interview after which they are  put under a three months extend able probation period. All this is,  in order to scrutinize their sense of responsibility. The interview is done by a committee comprising experienced teachers and administrators. The teaching staff works under a clear contract of employment.

School Secretarystaff room
The school board makes a schedule of internal and external inspection as quality control measure on the performance of the teaching staff and the school in general. We were recently inspected by the MOE and the preliminary report has both acclaimed our successes and pointed out the challenges. We are already sitting on top of the challenges, hopefully when the detailed report is out we shall (with the inspectors permission) publish it.

It is emphasized that, the whole teaching staff is to work as a team in order that knowledge, experience and skills are shared. The school administration shall also see to it that all teachers attend seminars and/or short courses in building an advanced teaching capacity.

 The teaching staff is a cross section from one PHD, some Masters, Many University graduates, Diplomas and a few form six as tutorial assistants under a competent professional supervision.


3.4 Non – Teaching Staff:  

The school board also employs non- teaching staff as and when required including but not limited to divisions bellow:  
(i)    Cooking and Serving
(ii)    Transport
(iii)    Security
(iv)    Gardening
(v)    Building Maintenance
(vi)    Cleaning
(vii)    Nursing  

3.5    School Committee

A school committee comprising of parent representatives and school administration is currently in place. Election of the parent representatives is carried out by parents themselves during parent meetings. Each school committee holds a tenure of three (3) years. The school Committee is responsible for advising on matters pertaining to:
-    Students’ welfare
-    Academic standards
-    Future development issues   

3.6 Students Council

A students committee has been established and elected by students and approved by the headmaster to train students in leadership, to ease student management, obtain feed back on specific student need as well as creating a friendly and cooperative interface/ relationship between staff and students.

You can get more information about the school by reading into the self explanatory downloads, as pointed out above the joining instructions contains about all you need to know to enter and live at the school.


 figure 1.

 school administration structure


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